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I do not count calories, and I’m not on a “diet”, but I do try to avoid gluten, red meat, and high-calorie dishes when possible. I can’t promise that everything on this blog will be healthy, but hey, everything in moderation right?! I’ll prove that cooking at home is EASY, and your family will actually prefer it over nasty take out. My goal is that twenty and thirty-somethings, like me, see the advantages of cooking healthy meals at home! I’ll keep it light-hearted, practical, and ‘hopefully healthy’. So get your hands dirty and let’s start cooking

On top of all the mouth-watering recipes I’ll also throw in some other stuff too.  I’ll post some articles I think are worth your time and products I like to use or want to use. I’ll share my travels and include some of my shenanigans too! I’m sure some University of Iowa Hawkeye references will make appearances as well.

I’ll keep it lighthearted, practical, and hopefully healthy.


About Amanda

It took me a little while to get where I am today, but I’m so blessed to finally have it all figured out (at least I think I do).

I was born in Detroit and briefly lived in California before our family settled in Wheaton, IL, a suburb of Chicago. Growing up, we traveled all over the country, and I hope I’m able to give my kids the same experiences. This gave me the travel bug, and I always want to go somewhere. After high school, I attended the University of Iowa where I majored in Communication Studies and Health Sciences. Unfortunately, like many others, I was unable to land a job after graduation. I did, however, learn a thing or two about nutrition and fitness, which is another hopefully healthy perspective. After working in the physical therapy setting for a few years I decided to go back to school. After two years of school and clinical I became a certified Radiographer and have the best job at an orthopedic office.

In 2010, I married my best friend, Francesco Roggio, after meeting in a chemistry class at Iowa in 2004. We had an epic wedding, like seriously…epic. Right before we got married Frank was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, which was a shock to both of us. After countless hours of classes and research, he now has an insulin pump that controls his blood sugar, which allows him to live a pretty normal life. Keeping carbs and sugars down in recipes is an important part of my cooking, and I’m always trying to find diabetic friendly recipes.

On November 7, 2016 we welcomed a beautiful baby girl, Emilia Rae.  She is pretty great, such a happy girl.  Words can’t explain how lucky we were to have such a healthy and beautiful baby.  I’m just loving this “mom” gig and can’t wait to have LOTS more ;). I’m a lover and big advocate for breastfeeding…it’s such an amazing way to nourish your little one and I hope every mother can experience it, no matter the length of time.

I’m a big sports fan and love to have a good time.  I have amazing friends and family that I don’t know what I would do without. So, that’s a little bit about me…basically I’m a real class act..

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